Copter Tailsitter

I finally got it off the ground under control. It’s a modified Stryker, with DJI phantom motors running on a 4in1 ESC. I have the hover_learn mode off at this stage. Bench testing the FBWA with the props off has the motors running at full speed. I imagine that’s to be expected as the fbwa_min is non-zero. I had a bit of elevon flutter on take-off, but that subsided after gaining some height.


Is your motor configuration a square or a rectangle? I’ve tried the dual motor tailsitter for a while now with no luck. I was thinking about converting to vectoring or a quad configuration. However the copter descriptions looks like they want symmetry. That would make 2 motors too far out from the body in my opinion.

Almost square, less than an inch difference on the distance of the motors.

However I had a crash, and now can’t seem to be able to initialize the ESC anymore on power up. I think I damaged the pixhawk, as I don’t seem to get any PWM on the motor output pins.