Copter suddenly landed

On my 2nd flight last day copter suddenly tilted very heavily and landed very smoothly.
Just before I saw EFK Variance message on my OSD.
I looked into log but cound’t find anything obvious. Just vibrations raised but they are still on moderate level.
Autoanalysis doesn’t work but it crashed during process.

Could some be so kind and look into my logs?

Hi Piotr,

was your second flight in an different location and did you put it in an heated up car maybe. how long did the flights last ?
Im guessing it either could have been imu drift or a gps glitch maybe.

I had once an gps glitch and it went into land mode and drifted a long distance before reaching the ground.

What hardware you are using ?


Well maybe. It was sunny day and I had copter inside car.
I have pixhawk lite with drotek M8N with compass.

I suggest to always let it cool down before flying to avoid IMU drift.