Copter suddenly climb in AltHold

Hello everyone, I’m new here. Recently I built and test a DJI F450 frame quadcopter with these specs:
- ESC Skywalker 40A
- BLDC Himodel 2212/1000KV with 1045 prop
- FC Omnibus F4v3 AIO running Ardupilot 4.3.6 (latest stable version)
- Walkera Rx-sBuse receiver bind with Devo7 Tx
- HC - SR04 ultrasonic module as Downward Rangefinder
- ublox NEO - M8N GPS + HMC5883L compass module
After I build and tune the drone to flight Stabilized Mode smoothly, I setup the Rangefinder and try using AltHold and Loiter mode. The first few flight when smoothly and holding Altitude and Position really well. But a few days later, without changing any parameter, I tried again only for the drone to climb rapidly upon takeoff (pulling the Throttle above the threshold), forcing me to flip the emergency stop switch. I even test the Rangefinder, they return cm accuracy. These are the log files of the flights with issues:
Can anyone help me out why is the drone suddenly become like that? What possible causes are there? Thank you very much for your help

I didn’t view your log, but severe vibration(over 30~60) made my copter rocket in alt hold several years before.

Post the .bin file. And only share one or two tops. Nobody is going to look at 6+ log files for you.

Make sure you have MOT_HOVER_LEARN, 2. Get the drone flying well without the range finder first before you add the ranger finder.

I agree vibrations could be an issue. Check the messages for vibration failsafes, and in the logs look at the clipping events. There should be none, but if the number is climbing that’s not good.