Copter spin in LOITER mode (3.4-rc2)

Hi All :
In LOITER mode ,after copter takeoff ,the vehicle start spin,and the yaw stick dos’t work .
Anyone can help me analyze the flight log? Thanks very much .
Firmware :Copter 3.4-rc2;
Frame: hexa
2016-10-30 17-09-36.log (1.9 MB)

There has been many, many updates since rc2. Can you update to rc7 and try again?

I know this is a basic question but…
Have you checked that your props are on the right arms and they are the right way up?

@mboland, Thanks remind the problem,but I do not understand why the desire yaw is rotation without yaw stick control. as log show :

The desired yaw can be dragged around by the actual yaw. We never let them get more than about 10degrees apart. It’s been discussed a couple of times here and there but basically it’s a safety measure. We don’t want the vehicle suddenly whipping around to a new heading if it’s recoverying from an external disturbance.

Thanks for testing!

Was there any resolution on this issue?

I changed the frame, it worked well ,so,I think maybe the firmware is not the issue