Copter SPIDevice causing build to fail

I configured waf for the board: “NucleoH743”

./waf configure --board NucleoH743

When trying to build with ./waf copter, the following happens

[ 957/1046] Compiling libraries/AP_HAL_ChibiOS/HAL_ChibiOS_Class.cpp
[ 958/1046] Compiling libraries/AP_HAL_ChibiOS/Storage.cpp
[ 959/1046] Compiling libraries/SITL/SITL.cpp
[ 960/1046] Compiling libraries/SITL/SIM_XPlane.cpp
[ 961/1046] Compiling libraries/SITL/SIM_DroneCANDevice.cpp
[ 962/1046] Compiling libraries/AP_Scripting/lua_scripts.cpp
[ 963/1046] Compiling libraries/AP_Scripting/lua_boxed_numerics.cpp
[ 964/1046] Compiling libraries/AP_Scripting/lua_repl.cpp
[ 965/1046] Compiling build/NucleoH743/libraries/AP_Scripting/lua_generated_bindings.cpp
[ 966/1046] Compiling libraries/AP_Scripting/AP_Scripting_helpers.cpp
[ 967/1046] Compiling libraries/AP_Scripting/lua_bindings.cpp
../../libraries/AP_HAL_ChibiOS/HAL_ChibiOS_Class.cpp: In function 'void main_loop()':
../../libraries/AP_HAL_ChibiOS/HAL_ChibiOS_Class.cpp:232:25: error: incomplete type 'ChibiOS::SPIDevice' used in nested name specifier
  232 |     ChibiOS::SPIDevice::test_clock_freq();
      |                         ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated due to -Wfatal-errors.

Waf: Leaving directory `/home/odin/ardupilot/build/NucleoH743'
Build failed
 -> task in 'objs/AP_HAL_ChibiOS/ArduCopter' failed (exit status 1):
        {task 140716044297920: cxx HAL_ChibiOS_Class.cpp -> HAL_ChibiOS_Class.cpp.3.o}
 (run with -v to display more information)

This is a fresh untouched fork, updated to latest version of copter this morning. How can i fix this? Is something to do with the hwdef?

Edit: Building for other boards (MatekH743 or KakuteH7) that use the same chip (STM32H743xx) works fine. If i was to make a new board and copy one of these boards’ hwdef to then upload to the nucleo… would this work. I’d just have to wire to the pins specified on the hwdef or am I missing any steps, anything bootloader related?