Copter simulation

Hi there

I’m creating a QGC formated (.waypoints) file including the home position, the take-off command, the waypoints to follow, some other actions and closing with an RTL command . The MP after making all necassary pre-arming checks, it must read and then to upload this file to the drone in order to execute it (to follow the trajectory described in QGC format in the “trajectory.waypoints” file).
Can someone please indicate to me what is the sequence of commands in python scripting to make the above operations? (pre-arming checks, mode, e.t.c.) or where to look for the MP commands for the above actions or alternatively any related examples?

if you are looking at scripting, MP has a directory called scripts with examples in it.

Dear Michael
thank you for your response. If you mean the tab named “scripts” in the “FLIGHT DATA” menu of MP, when we select it we can just see our script files already saved. Can you be more specific where to look for example files please ?

browse to where ever you installed mission planner. inside there will be a scripts directory with multiple examples.

Thanks a lot Mr. Oborne. I’ll try it right now.