Copter shakes left and right very fast while take off

Hello, i builded drone with apm 2.8, 4 readytosky 920kv motors, 4 30A readytosky esc. But when i try to take off drone starts to vibrate left right more and more but after take off everything is good, i attached video APM 2.8 Problem - YouTube
what can i do?
Sorry for my bad English

You probably need to reduce the PIDs a bit.

But the better solution is to get a new flight controller hardware. APM 2.8 support has been discontinued for at least seven years now.

I tried making lowest pids in basic training but problem is not gone, i spent all money on building this kit so i can’t afford any of newer ones(( is there any other ways to fix this problem?

Yes you can fix it if you change the correct parameters. But almost all users have moved to newer flight controllers, so very few people still use that one, and of those even fewer will be willing to help you.

Sorry, but you will need to fix it yourself.

the shake is just your frame flexing on the ground, it looks like its flying fine.

In the future do not spend money before making sure that the products you buy are supported by the community of volunteers.

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