Copter seems to power failure then recovers imeadiately

Hi all,
I’m looking for a little analysis help in finding out why my Quadcopter seemed to loose power fall upside down then regain power a second or two later. It seems from what I can tell is it rollled 180 and righted itself. I’d appreciate any input, thanks.
Here’s a link to the log files!AtWZQxEqLM0Hg5wZ1LTU0S1inC4k5Q

It happens around the 07:48:34 mark

Running on a Emlid Navio 2 Pi 3.

Did this happen only the one time, or have you been able to reproduce the behavior? How does your NAVIO2 perform otherwise? I am setting one up right now, but I am not entirely confident going forward with it.

I’ve not had any more complaints with it. The error hadn’t been reproduced but I’ve not been using it much.