Copter rolling (and falling)

I tried to lift off my pretty big copter at home and noticed that when I rise the throttle gently it tries to roll aside (random side). I’ve googled this forum a bit and read some opinions that newbies are too slow in throttling up and that drives gyro crazy and unpredictable, and “a copter belongs to air”.
So I made up my made and just pushed the throttle up hard. And that’s what happened:

My setup:
FC: Matek F765-WSE
AP 4.2.2
RX Matek 24D
TX Radiomaster TX16S MKII MAX
ExpressLRS 3.0 RC set to 16 channels, trim at 1500, calibrated fine.
ESC Tekko32 F4 45A set to DShot600 (calibrated)
Motors Tarot 4114 320kv
GNSS/Compass Holybro UBLOX M9N/IST8310


No serious insures, only a broken GPS shaft (I have plenty of them).

Please, help!

Check the Motor order and direction with Mission Planners Motor Test?

Silly me :man_facepalming: I assumed, that numbers on the frame are placed conventionally and haven’t checked if it corresponds to AP expectations. “Going testing” Take 2

Almost always a flip on take-off is due to Motor Order or direction.

Yeap, it’s ok now. But the driver is still lame :man_facepalming:
Moving forward to the sky!

Cool! Set this to 1 so you can start collecting data for the Dynamic Notch Filter!

Dynamic Notch Filter? I remember this term from audio mastering, but what it means here? :flushed:
… gone Googling…

It’s a standard element of Arducopter tuning.