Copter rises rapidly Yaw

I let the copter turn on the spot quickly it rises very quickly 2-5 meters.
what can I do?

Yaw-throttle coupling is caused by a number of effects:

  • Motors are capable of accelerating the prop much faster than drag is capable of decelerating the prop.
  • Throttle response is non-linear. We correct for this with the MOT_TCRV parameters.
  • A very overpowered copter might be hovering so close to min throttle that the stability code raises the throttle in order to meet the yaw demand.

It sounds like your motors could be more non-linear than others. You could try tuning your MOT_TCRV parameters. This would be most effective if you had a way of making the measurements that it wants.

After looking at your log, I suspect it could be the stability code causing the rise on yaw. Looking at the code, THR_MID appears to be being used to limit climbing in these sorts of situations. Try reducing it to something like 340.