Copter problem - descends or climbs -

Hello. So yesterday and today it happened again.
Meanwhile between 20.11.2020 and 08.01.2021 we flew for maybe 200hours and it hasnt occured once. So today morning we switched EK2_alt_source to 2 (GPS) I hope it will solve the problem magically.
BTW if you want to reply, please do it in the following thread, because its been currently discussed there.
Copter-4.0.5 released! - ArduCopter / Copter 4.0 - ArduPilot Discourse

There is a PR to support multiple CAN CPS consistently that might help here.
I advise you to keep EKF_ALT_SOURCE at 0 and use at least AuduCopter 4.0.5

I am sorry, but i dont really understand what you are saying. That the issue is with two CAN GPS and i have it set incorrectly? despite the fact alt source was = 0?
Or are you just saying that you know there is a problem and you are working on it?
Please explain it to me, because i seriously dont understand (i am not trying to be mean).

Read the PR that I posted to understand a potential problem with 2 CAN GPSs.
Basically right now GPS1 might become GPS2 after reboot and vice-versa. That can be tricky if you set a OFFSET_POS location for each GPS.

Did you try increasing the RC3_DZ parameter?

Oh. I understand now.
Thank you.
Do you suggest to use only one can GPS since (if i am not mistaken) these parameters that are described in PR are not present in current AC 4.0.5 release? (If i am not blind)
And dont you mean in my case RC1_DZ? (since its my throttle channel)? (that one was changed to 80) , RC3_DZ was changed to 50
But i dont really get how could it help. Cube is receiving 1700pwm according to logs, which is much higher then mid position ±DZ

If you have not set any GPS_OFFSET_POS you should be fine with 2 CAN GPSs.
The parameters are not yet present in any released FW (beta or otherwise).
Yes I mean your throttle channel. And I assumed RC3 because that is the most common one. By not using the most common one you might be tapping into a bug that only you see!!!

i am not using GPS_OFFSET_POS.
But can it also be, that when i am using both external GPS compassess, that they also switch ID and thats why once while they work worse? Or is it just related to GPS ?

I understand what you mean by not using common channel. I will switch it to common on monday.
But do you see in my logs that it is a strange behaviour.Right? Just to rule out, that i am not looking incorrectly.