Copter oscillations

Today after changing propellers from 9545 to 1055 i faced oscillations immediately after applying roll and pitch and it will resume on hover

How much should i reduce/increase PIDs to get stable to run auto tune again ?

Current PIDs :

Config :
Frame DJI F450
FC CUAV Pixhawk 2.4.6
Motors Tmotor 2213 920 kv
Propellers TM1055 CF
Battery GensAce 4s 5500mah
ESCs Emax BlHeli 25A OneShot 125

Last 2 Logs :
Log 1
Log 2

Those are some high Stabilize Roll/pitch values hosein. Perhaps cut them in half and try it. Or put them on a chan 6 tune pot with the current values at the high end. Rate D looks a bit high too.

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thanks @dkemxr
i did this but it seems that PIDs are completely wrong
i decided to detach gimbal and run autotune again

If the gimbal is in place for Autotune it needs to be fixed in place.