Copter loses power and land

I just built a 10 inch copter with a Holybro H7 FC. PH and d RTL seem to work OK but copter just lands after being up for about few minutes. Motors are spinning ok when Copter is landing. I rise the throttle when copter is landing but no response. Any help to resolve this issue is appreciated. This is my first build with Ardupilot and still learning.

Battery failsafe triggering land? Did you set up failsafe action and battery critical voltages?

The developers are going to want a .bin file from the flight.

MP_Paramter list_09_09_2022.param (19.0 KB)

I attached the link to Bin file and Parameter file.


You’re are not going to have much success without a compass, it’s a required item.

The only altitude that makes any sense to me is the GPS altitude. Everything else, baro included, looks bad. I suspect there’s multiple issues with prop wash or light on the baro and something going on with terrain and/or rangefinder. There’s these sorts of messages:
“Terrain: clamping offset -192 to -15”

Motor outputs are hitting minimum so you might want to change MOT_SPIN_MIN to about 0.13.

I highly recommend you connect to MissionPlanner, Initial Parameters and put in correct battery cell and chemistry values and accept all the values it offers.
Also set these:
INS_HNTCH_ENABLE,1 ← set this then refresh params to see the rest

Sort out a compas and do the calibration (outside while you have a good GPS 3D Fix) and then retest and let’s see that .bin log.

Thank you for the Inputs.

The parts used for my build were as follow:
Flight contoller Holybro H7 ( Holybro Kakute H7 30x30 Flight Controller w/ Bluetooth)- $ 80.00
ESC 4 in 1 Holybro Tekko32 F3 Metal ESC(65A) - $ 105
Frame IFlight 10in - $110
Motors EMAX 2807_1700 - 4 X 16 = $64
RC Receiver TBS Nano - $ 15
GPS Matek Matek M8Q-5883 GPS Module w/ Compass - $ 33
SIk Radio Holybro Telemetry Radio V3 100mW 433MH - $ 60
Propellers GEMFAN 10 IN 4 - $20
Batterie Tattu FunFly 1300mAh 4s 100C Lipo Battery- $ 20

I spent over 100 hours of building and troubleshooting. I finally was able to get the copter to fly. The flight was not a success. I changed some parameters as you advised. The copter took off and never came back. I live in an area surrounded by acres of long trees so impossible to retrieve the copter…almost $ 500 gone is a sec…but not giving up yet…
I ordered a Matek slim H7 FC and Luminer 10 inch frame and will start my next build. Hopefully my next build will be a success.

Very sorry to hear about that fly-away. It would have to be something to do with the altitude issue or vibrations (which cause altitude issues too)
I am glad you are not giving up.
Make sure you are familiar with using Stabilise mode first, and it will be your go-to mode if anything strange happens.AltHold and Loiter are your next steps.