Copter Leans Right in Auto Takeoff mode

I was trying out RC11 and found that sometimes the copter leans to the right on auto takeoff and the props on the right hit the ground.
It doesn’t do this every time but out of 12 auto takeoffs it happened 3 times.
Looking at the logs shows that two of the motor outs are 300 units higher than the other two.
Normal takeoff and landings in stable mode are fine.
What should I be looking for in the logs?
I upload a small log with one good take off and one bad one.

Interesting. It hadn’t reset the mission, and it was executing the LAND command… it seems like it was pretty much trying to hold position on the ground until it flipped over.

So this this probably because the previous time the mission was run it didn’t complete and the vehicle hasn’t been disarmed/armed so it’s going to do the default behaviour for AC3.2 which is to resume the mission.

That makes sense as I sometime take control just before it’s going to land so I can set it where I want it.
But the motors are disarmed so that should have reset it right. Anyway that makes sense.

Looks like there is a fix for this in rc13.