Copter jumps without command

Hi All,
I’m having some dangerous issues with throttle in stabilize mode (not having tried any other modes yet).

  1. The copter takes several attempts to arm
  2. Copter will not dis-arm
  3. Copter throttles up by itself, when sitting on the ground, with no throttle input from Tx (I called this a jump rather than a fly away).
  4. Copter continues to spin motors when upside down on the ground.

As far as I am concerned items 2 and 4 are extremely dangerous and should be addressed in the firmware ASAP. Even if this is my own fault somehow, it simply should not be possible to do.

I have two YouTube videos highlighting this behaviour
Jump behaviour => … _dey69u6Ww
No motor cut behaviour => … _dey69u6Ww

Can anyone suggest I fix I can make? or help me to diagnose the cause?


it’s clear that you have so many issues, (not even OSD seem stable) that whatever you see is not normal behaviour.

you also ignore the forum guidlines - and get no help.
Not that I wish to use time on this mess too, but you should start with reading about calibration (propery calibrated RC does not fail to disarm) - and check you voltage regulator(s) , grounding practices and the ripple.

Set motor spin to off or 0 under parameters. This will make the motors shut off on the ground when throttle is at zero.

You need to post log files. And what equipment you are using.

Also, confirm that your throttle channel does not jump in the radio setup. My DX8 had some frame rate issues where it would jump randomly to 100% then back to zero.