Copter in Loiter will land during CCW Yaw

ArduCopter 3.2.1, APM 2.6, Mission Planner 1.3.25. GPS and Power Module.
DJI E310 Motor Propulsion System, Spektrum AR700 receiver and DX-8 Transmitter
In Stabilize Mode copter (S550) is very stable. There are no obvious problems with
altitude, pitch and roll and yaw.
In Loiter Mode, copter is stable in altitude, pitch and roll and CW yaw. Any CCW rotation
(Yaw) the copter with change to land mode. The copter will immediately return to Loiter
when CW rotation is back to the position prior to the CCW rotation.
EFK-CHECK-THRESH value was changed from 0.8 to 0 … disabled function. After the change
the copter was difficult or almost impossible to control in the Loiter Mode. The Stabilize Mode
was very stable.
Need help to better analyze the problem.

If you have a log with rcout enabled it will be easier to help.

sent from my phone so apologies for any typos