Copter goes in LAND-Mode, without any command


I use Arducopter 3.2 with APM.
I fly any Mission in AUTO-Mode and after some time, the copter goes in LAND-Mode.
I don’t see anything in the LOG-File.

Here es an LOG-File.
You can see, the copter goes after 8 minutes in LAND-Mode.

Can you help me?

How are your APM failsafes configured? Sounds like the copter is hitting a failsafe somewhere and trying to get back on the ground before it’s too late.

No, it also happened, when all failsafe-commands are disabled.

I think it happens, when the copter losing height by high horizontal speed. Can anyone confirm this?

I can’t even get the log file to load without errors.

I send the LOG files as attachement.
The .bin and the .log as ZIP-File.
Please unzip the log-file.

Your channel 5 pwm looks a bit noisy and close to the flight mode cut off point’s.
Unfortunately the first part of the log is overwritten so I can’t see what your flight mode’s are set to.

What are your 6 flight modes> and what are the pwm frequencies on your transmitter for each flight mode?


I have 6 flight modes:

Mode 1: Drift: PWM 1118
Mode 2: Stabilze: PWM 1242
Mode 3: Land: PWM 1476
Mode 4: PosHold: PWM 1498
Mode 5: AltHold: PWM 1718
Mode 6: RTL: PWM 1788

I use a Spektrum DX6 with 2 switches (3-pos switch and 2-pos switch) and mixer-settings.

According to your log the flight mode channel spends a lot of time at 1490, which is the borderline between flight mode’s 3 and 4, poshold and land,

I’d suggest having another look at your flight mode pwm’s as the list you just put up doesn’t tally with the log file.

Aim for pwm’s of-

Flight mode 1: 1165
Flight mode 2: 1296
Flight mode 3: 1426
Flight mode 4: 1556
Flight mode 5: 1686
Flight mode 6: 1815