Copter flips over after autoland?

I finally got my copter to fly a full mission with autoland.

I engaged the autopilot from loiter mode.

The copter flew the mission and came back and did a auto land. Once on the ground, the motors spooled down to low speed. At this point the copter was still in auto, with the flight mode set to loiter. I reduced the stick to full low (idle), then turned off auto (still) in loiter. The motors came back on full power for a second flipping the copter over.

For a second test, I tried to disarm the motors while still in auto (on the ground). This resulted in a smaller surge, but enough to make it light on the skids.

Any ideas what might be going on?



If you’re using 3.2 RC2, it should autodisarm on landing, if the throttle is at the bottom. No need to switch out of Auto. The landing detection is being improved and the full release of 3.2 should handle that well on all copters, even those that don’t have damped/cushioned feet.

Got a log? I have found the same thing, and always reduce throttle to idle and switch to STAB at, or right before, touchdown.

As Bill says post a logfile.