Copter flips after ESC replacement

After a heat mishap with my old ESCs, I got 4 of these:

After replacing everything, everything seems fine. ESC calibration runs well, and I take off in altHold. First flight I have no problem. Second Flight I run autotune until battery dies, everthing is fine otherwise. Third flight, I fly for about 30 seconds to a minute, and suddenly the copter flips violently into the ground.

Every filght since does the same.

Studing some logs tells me that motor 4 is getting max signal at the time of crash, and motor 3 minimum.

Attaching some logs, would love some input!47 2000-01-02 05-50-28.bin (199.1 KB)
46 2000-01-02 05-32-22.bin (705.1 KB)
52 2000-01-02 07-15-24.bin (439.4 KB)
45 2000-01-02 05-12-06.bin (1.6 MB)
45 is the successful flight, the others are the crashes.

As you saw, as it flips to the right, and pitches up, the right rear motor (4) is commanded to max - it does not help.
that means you have a problem with anything after PWM output to #4 , signal wire, ESC, motor wires/motor , propeller … etc.

check for broken leads into motor,or something that could have a periodic fault.

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