Copter flipped - What happened?


I just went behind the House to maiden some new Parts on my Quadcopter
Mostly the Kyosho Gel Pads mentioned in the Vibration Dampening Article and while it looks like they’ve solve THAT Problem…
Total+Crash Shot

Zoomed Detail Shot

[color=#FF0000]Click Images for larger Pictures[/color].
…the Copter still decided to pile itself into the ground after doing, what looked like, a 90° flip to it’s right >_>

Didn’t even have the chance to go from Stabilize into AltHold to test the Vibration Dampening qualities of the Gel Pads other than by looking at the LOG File added to this Post.

On a somewhat related issue…

Attempting to have an Auto Analysis results in this Error Message:

Followed by a “Bad input file” Window.

Any ideas what is causing this and how to solve it?

not sure how to understand your VIBE data, it seems a bit high ? - or not.
I see no reason for the huge throttle command on motor1 …

I’m not really sure how to read the Vibrations 3.3 Data compared to the old Vibrations Data I’ve somewhat gotten familiar with and which look dead calm?

According to the Measuring your vibration levels Part in the Vibration Dampening Article I should be save, no?
• Vibration needs to be less than 0.3 G in the X and Y axes and less than 0.5 G in the Z axis - [color=#40BF00]OK[/color]
• You should strive to get in the region of + and – 1/10 G in all axes, the information provided here will generally achieve that - [color=#40BF00]OK[/color]

Looking at the Vibrations 3.3 Data I guess it is looking high but what’s with the differences between those two Vibration Measuring Systems where one is giving an OK and the other totally freaking out? Should we ignore the old Vibrations entirely and only go for the new Vibrations 3.3 Data?

This Vibration issue is really becoming infuriating >_>

I doubt vibrations are to blame in this case , given the length of full throttle… It would be best to have a experienced developer to comment on this.