Copter flip over on mode change, Crashed. Help =(

As the title says, my Arducopter running an H743 FC, (new build btw) took off and flew in PosHold mode, and then when doing another test flight, took off in AltHold mode.
Those modes were on a 3 position switch.

When I switched form AltHold to PosHold the copter fliped over 180, and promptly crashed.

Any ideas?
I also CAN NOT get the stupid logs to work. I’ve set LOG_BACKEND_Type to 1 and 4 with no luck. Mission planner just says no logs.
The FC should have lots of “blackbox” storage. Whatever that is.


What Flight Controller? Need logs.

Hi Dkemxr,
It’s the Mamba h743 v2.
Unfortunately I can not get the logs to work at all. See original message for details.
Any idea? Do they not natively have ANY logs?


power drone and you will see logs.
without energy it doesnt show anything.

I obviously do not have logs working. =-(
Any advice?

i have same board. log_backend_type:4 and it shows logs when i powered drone.
first unplug usb cable. power drone and plug usb after you hear escs beep and you will see logs.

I know I had it correct before but they’re showing now. Must just be scared of you.
I’ll go get some new crash data later and we’ll go from there.