Copter drifts a few feet up or down after altitude change


I’m looking for advice on getting my copter to hold altitude after throttling up or down. You can see in the log that after ascending or descending anything faster than “very slow” results in the copter “bouncing” a couple feet until settling at it’s altitude. What parameters should I tweak to get it to hold altitude after going up or down? Other than this issue it flies great.



Sorry about that Dave. I updated the link, it should give access now.

I suppose you mean these dips after changing throttle position to increase/decrease altitute.

Looking at your PSC_ACCZ_P and I how did you arrive at those values?

Yes that is correct.

I believe those values are the result of a quick attempt to fix this issue a month back or so with xfacta, in the middle of working on other tuning issues.

Ah OK. Makes sense actually as the stock advice is to have the P term=Mot Thrust Hover and I 2X that. But increasing these values was what I would have suggested too. So this is the vertical acceleration gain perhaps an increase in the position gain (PSC_POSZ_P) is warranted. You could try a small change and see.

Please define “small change” :slight_smile:
Increase 10%?

I would try 1.25. If it bounces up and down it’s too high :slight_smile:

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