Copter crash - Request for help

I need help with analyzing sudden crash to my new Tarot X6.
Seems like crash related to landing gear and Aux operation.

Frame: Tarot X6 and its landing gear.
Version: copter 3.3

Retracts are basically connected to the PDB for power, and another servo cable where it is connected to Pixhawk Aux and configured as landing gear.

Basically all electronics are same from another frame that was disassembled except the frame and its landing gear.
this is the 4 test flight, and was planned to check landing gear and move on to AutoTune…
When pushed button to retract landing gear, the copter yawed left and started to move FWD like it was commanded to fly straight. copter was uncontrollable, did not respond to anything so i pulled kill switch (i assume this is what stopped it)

Broke a motor clamp and one of the leg T joints.
E.g, i did used landing gear on ground during build but not in flight.

Attached is log file, hoping someone can help in analysis. (3.4 MB)