Copter Camera in SITL

I tried to launch a sitl with enabling gimbal ‘-M’ and connected to the vehivle using dronekit.
When accessing the values for gimbal using vehicle.gimbal, it returns None for pitch, roll and yaw.

Is the camera functionality available? Do I need to install any seperate package? How do I verify that SITL vehicle is launched with gimbal enabled?

I see that the gimbal module is loaded.
How to get gimbal pitch, yaw, and roll

This is too late reply. But, I leave my answer to help others.
ArduPilot reports the angles via MOUNT_STATUS MAVLink messages.
When you use Mission Planner, it is kind of easy.

  1. Connect Mission Planner
  2. Click HUD and then Ctrl + F
  3. Click Mavlink Inspector
  4. Find MOUNT_STATUS section
    Then, you can confirm pitch, yaw, and roll angles of the gimbal.

You can refer ‘Adding a virtual gimbal’ section of this webpage. (