Copter 6DoF_Scripting Frame class PreArm fail

You totally can do reversible motors in flight, just you cannot actively thrust towards the ground.

To set a offset use:


So to invert throttle it would be:


I think I understand now. So just to make sure I understand correctly, the motors will be able to spin in both directions when it comes to attitude control. But, we cannot actively thrust in a “negative” direction of any axis; the code blocks the throttle from doing that. Correct?

Exactly, no negative thrust down. Positive and negative forwards/backwards and left/right is fine tho. Its not so much the code blocks, simply the code has not yet been made to understand.

Okay, cool. Thank you. Another question I’d like to ask you is about the flight mode and RC configuration. I currently tested the drone by only giving positive throttle values in the mixer and in Stabilize flight mode. When I start inverting the drone, the motors slow down and completely stop when the drone is completely inverted. I was expecting the motors to spin in the negative direction when the body is completely inverted. So, I was wondering what flight mode I have to use to get this inverting capability?

Also, what RC configuration did you use for the drone? I am currently using an RC that only has channels for a 4DOF drone. How did you map your RC so that you can control all 6DOFs?

Lastly, could we move to Discord or another form of communication?

For fully upside down stuff you need ATC_ANGLE_BOOST 0

I just fly with 4DoF controls and lets my script drive the roll and pitch. But my goal was to make cool looking demos rather than actually have manual control, or drive to a particular angle.

Sure, we have a 6DoF thread in the research channel over on the discord. ArduPilot

Understood and I’ll head over to Discord. Thanks!