Copter-4.5.4 released!

Copter-4.5.4 has been released as the official/stable version for multicopters and traditional helicopters and can be installed using MP, QGC or the firmware can be directly downloaded from

The single change vs 4.5.3 is listed in the ReleaseNotes and copied below

  • Disable highres IMU sampling on ICM42670 fixing an issue on some versions of Pixhawk6X

If you’re using a Pixhawk6X we strongly recommend updating but for other users this release will have no impact.

By the way, some may notice that we released this version without going through the regular beta testing procedure. We decided that this change was small enough that developer level testing was sufficient.



In my code only
and yaw are working correctly.
But -Vx and roll commands are not working correctly.
its showing circular movement at a point or say -Vx with yawing.

from dronekit import connect, VehicleMode
from pymavlink import mavutil

def send_local_ned_velocity(x, y, z):
msg = vehicle.message_factory.set_position_target_local_ned_encode(
0, 0, 0,
0, 0, 0,
x, y, z,
0, 0, 0,
0, 0)

def condition_yaw(heading):
msg = vehicle.message_factory.command_long_encode(
0, 0, # target_system, target_component
mavutil.mavlink.MAV_CMD_CONDITION_YAW, #command
0, #confirmation
1, # param 1, yaw in degrees
0, # param 2, yaw speed deg/s
heading, # param 3, direction -1 ccw, 1 cw
1, # param 4, relative offset 1, absolute angle 0
0, 0, 0) # param 5 ~ 7 not used

vehicle = connect(‘udp:’, wait_ready=True)

while True:
send_local_ned_velocity(-1, 0, 0)

What is the question?

How does that question relates to the 4.5.4 release?

@rmackay9 , do you have default lua scripting support for this version ?

Hi @Iqua,

Lua scripting is included in 4.5.4 (and earlier versions) but to work the autopilot really needs to have an H7 processor. It is possible to get it working on an F7 but some features may need to be turned off.

Does that answer the question?

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Hey Mackay ! Well, quite informative !
Works only on H7 HITL ? I am on SITL. I couldn’t find it working there.

I find it confusing as the documentation says, it is workable on SITL also. Please enlighten me on this.

Hi @Iqua,

Our Lua documentation is here on the wiki and I’m pretty sure it talks about SITL as well.

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Yeah. Does. Thanks @rmackay9 !

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