Copter-4.5.2 released!

Copter-4.5.2 has been released as the stable version for multicopters and traditional helicopters and within a few hours of this posting can be installed using Mission Planner, QGC or it can be downloaded directly from (and then installed using MP or QGC’s custom firmware link).

The changes vs 4.5.1 are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below.

  1. Board specific enhancements and bug fixes
  • FoxeerF405v2 support
  • iFlight BLITZ Mini F745 support
  • Pixhawk5X, Pixhawk6C, Pixhawk6X, Durandal power peripherals immediately at startup
  1. System level minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Camera lens (e.g. RGB, IR) can be selected from GCS or during missions using set-camera-source
  • Crashdump pre-arm check added
  • Gimbal gets improved yaw lock reporting to GCS
  • Gimbal default mode fixed (MNTx_DEFLT_MODE was being overriden by RC input)
  • RM3100 compass SPI bus speed reduced to 1Mhz
  • SBUS output fix for channels 1 to 8 also applying to 9 to 16
  • ViewPro gimbal supports enable/disable rangefinder from RC aux switch
  • Visual Odometry delay fixed (was always using 1ms delay, see VISO_DELAY_MS)
  • fixed serial passthrough to avoid data loss at high data rates
  1. AHRS / EKF fixes
  • Compass learning disabled when using GPS-for-yaw
  • GSF reset minimum speed reduced to 1m/s (except Plane which remains 5m/s)
  • MicroStrain7 External AHRS position quantization bug fix
  • MicroStrain7 init failure warning added
  • MicroStrain5 and 7 position and velocity variance reporting fix
  1. Copter specific changes
  • Auto mode condition yaw fix to avoid pointing at out-of-date target
  • Guided mode angle control yaw target initialisation fix (was always turning North)
  1. Other minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • DDS_UDP_PORT parameter renamed (was DDS_PORT)
  • Harmonic Notch bitmask parameter conversion fix (see INS_HNTCH_HMNCS)

Thanks as always to those who participated in the beta!