Copter-4.3.8-beta1 released for testing

Copter-4.3.8-beta1 has been released for beta testing and can be installed using Mission Planner’s “All Options” (see pic below) or it can be directly downloaded from

Changes vs 4.3.7 are in the ReleaseNotes and also copied below.

  1. Bug fixes
    • DroneCAN GPS RTK injection fix
    • INAxxx battery monitors allow for battery reset remaining
    • Notch filter gyro glitch caused by race condition fixed
    • Scripting restart memory corruption bug fixed

If all goes well we will release this as the stable 4.3 version within about a week although it may not be the stable version for long because Copter-4.4.0 is also just about to be released (see 4.4.0 beta update here)

All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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