Copter-4.3.5 released!

Copter-4.3.5 has been released as the stable firmware for multicopters and traditional helicopters. The changes vs 4.3.4 are in the ReleaseNotes and also copied below.

  1. Bug fixes
    a) GPS unconfigured error fix for non-M10 uBlox GPS
    b) Gremsy gimbal fix when attached to autopilot’s serial3 (or higher)
    c) Landing detector fix with large AHRS_TRIM values (>0.1)
    d) MambaF405 2022 gets VTX power on support
    e) MCU voltage enabled on H757 CPUs (including CubeOrangePlus)
    f) PiccoloCAN fix for ESC voltage and current scaling
    g) Servo gimbal mount yaw handling fix (only affects 3-axis servo gimbals)

Thanks very much to those who helped us with beta testing including:


Is in-flight FFT bug still in existence?

Which bug are you referring to?

While engaging in-flight FFT, Andy Piper claims there is a bug that can crash copter when this is engaged. Suggest a 4.4 fork. I am not sure that means 4.3.4 or higher? It is explained here:

While engaging in-flight FFT, Andy Piper (you) claimed there is a bug that can crash copter when this is engaged. Suggest a 4.4 fork. I am not sure that means 4.3.4 or higher? Do I need a untested beta version?

This feature is disabled in 4.3.4. To use this feature you need to use 4.4, which means using latest master at the moment or waiting for the beat which should be a couple of weeks.

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I wonder if this is an issue in 4.3.5, though?

Strange behavior in auto mode - ArduCopter / Copter 4.3 - ArduPilot Discourse

Vertical OA appears to be commanding an order of magnitude too great a change.

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Is there reading info somewhere on crsf and tbs Nano diversity working with Matek h743 slim. Works up to 4.2.3 anything after I get no TX inputs

This CRSF question is probably best answered by @andyp1per

Should be no different. What firmware version do you have on the TBS nano?

There is a new bit in autotune called “YawD” which is not mentioned in the changes and I believe was not present in 4.3.4. Does this tune ATC_RAT_YAW_D or ATC_RAT_YAW_FLTE?

It’s only in 4.4. Tunes ATC_RAT_YAW_D

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OK. Because the option is already available in the parameters of mission planner when updating to 4.3.5 I got confused. Thanks

6.1.9 everything it’s updated to the latest firmware.

I think you mean 6.19 - but should be fine.

All the same settings from 4.2.3 should work on 4.3.5 correct. Same wiring ? I am using the nano diversity. With tbs unify evo and crossfire micro tx. Is there any specific options I need to change in order for crsf to work with

Should be fine. Make sure you turn the TX on first. Maybe try attaching the TX to agentX and check the CRSF outputs are correct

I have a couple craft with similar hardware and it’s working fine.

  1. Micro Tx, Nano diversity Rx, no Vtx
  2. Micro Tx, Nano Rx Pro, Unify Pro32
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Would you mind showing how your tx is configured in MP?