Copter 4.3.4 lua get the radio failsafe status


Ho tow get the rc failsafe status in lua scripts?

I found function vehicle:has_ekf_failsafed() and function battery:has_failsafed().

I would like to found rc:has_faisafed()

Anyone can help me?

I think you could probably use rc:has_valid_input() as per the example in ardupilot/plane_ship_landing.lua at master · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

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Hello, do you find solution for your problem ? I am looking for similar solution and find nothing :slight_smile:

rc:has_valid_input() returns true if the RC signals are received properly, and returns false when there is no RC input.

Thank you, I have found this code and it works really well for my solution :slight_smile:

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