Copter-4.3.1 released!

Copter-4.3.1. has been released as the stable version for multicopters and helicopters and can be installed using MP, QGC or downloaded directly from

WARNING: Mission Planner has been recently updated to fix an issue downloading the firmware. If you see a “Failed download” message please try updating Mission Planner using the Help screen’s “Check for Updates” button

WARNING2: an issue has been found with the Siyi A8 support which will be fixed in 4.3.2.

Changes vs 4.3.0 are in the ReleaseNotes and also copied below

  1. Autopilot specific enhancements
    a) ARKV6X support
    b) MatekH743 supports 8 bi-directional dshot channels
    c) Pixhawk boards support MS5607 baros
    d) SpeedbyBee F405v3 support
  2. DroneCAN Airspeed sensor support including hygrometer (aka water vapour) readings
  3. EFI support (electronic fuel injection engines)
  4. Pre-arm warning if multiple UARTs with SERIALx_PROTOCOL = RCIN
  5. Siyi gimbal support
  6. Bug fixes
    a) Arm check warning loses duplicate “AHRS” prefix
    b) AtomRCF405NAVI bootloader file name fixed
    c) BRD_SAFETY_MASK fixed on boards with both FMU safety switch and IOMCU
    d) Compass calibration continues even if a single compass’s cal fails
    e) Gremsy gimbal driver sends autopilot info at lower rate to save bandwidth
    f) Invensense 42605 and 42609 IMUs use anti-aliasing filter and notch filter
    g) Mode change to AUTOTUNE message shortened
    h) OSD stats screen fix
    i) RC input on serial port uses first UART with SERIALx_PROTOCOL = 23 (was using last)
    j) RunCam caching fix with enablement and setup on 3-pos switch
    k) RTK CAN GPS fix when GPSs conneted to separate CAN ports on autopilot
    l) SkyViper GPS fix
    m) Turtle mode safety fixes (e.g. can only enter Tutle mode with at zero throttle)

Thanks again to those who provided feedback on this beta release. Beta testing is really important actually so we very much appreciate it.


For some reason its failing to update for me.

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“or downloaded directly from”
Chose your flight controller and download the .apj file. Then use Mission Planners “load custom firmware” option and chose that file.

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Yes, you’re right, there’s an issue with MP downloading the firmware. We’re looking into this and hopefully we can get it fixed asap.

Thanks for the report.

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Thank You! :+1:

For those who are attempting to install using Mission Planner and seeing a “Failed download” message please try updating Mission Planner using the “Help” screen’s “Check for Updates” button (or alternatively “Check for BETA Updates”)

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This fixed my issue. Updating MP from 1.3.78 to 79 worked.


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hi all, i discovered a “weird” behaviour in GUIDED mode while playing with SITL (with latest dev, actually. I don’t have opportunity to test it on 4.3.1 currently) and QGroundControl as GCS:

if i click somewhere on the map and confirm “go here”, then, while quad is still moving, i click on Action button and change altitude, quad executes altitude change correctly but also turns itself 180° and goes back for some meters, then stops. If i comand stop guided before changing altitude, it does not show this behaviour. I don’t know if it a “feature” for something i don’t grasp or a bug