Copter-4.3.0-beta2 has been released

Copter-4.3.0-beta2 has been released and can be installed using Mission Planner, QGC or it can be directly downloaded from

The changes vs 4.3.0-beta1 are in the release notes and also copied below

  1. Autopilot specific fixes and enhancements
    a) AIRLink autopilot supports UART2
    b) CUAV V6X supports CAN battery monitor by default
    c) MatekF405-CAN board uses less memory to fix compass calibration issues
    d) Pixhawk1-1M only supports uBlox and NMEA GPSs to save flash space
    e) SkystarsH7HD-bdshot (allows Bi-directional DShot)
    f) SkystarsH7HD supports VTX power by default
  2. EFI support
    a) Currawong ECU support (added as Electronic Fuel Injection driver)
    b) Scripting support for EFI drivers (allows writing EFI drivers in Lua)
    c) SkyPower and HFE CAN EFI drivers (via scripting)
  3. Safety features
    a) Arming check that SPIN_MIN less than 0.3 and greater than SPIN_ARM
  4. Minor enhancements
    a) Autopilot board names max length increased to 23 characters (was 13)
    b) CAN actuators can report PWM equivalent values (eases debugging)
    c) Log download speed improved for boards with “block” backends
    d) Notch filter slew limit reduces chance of notch freq moving incorrectly
    e) SLCAN disabled when vehicle is armed to reduce CPU load
  5. Bug fixes
    a) DO_JUMP mission command fixed if active command changed before changing to Auto mode
    b) EKF3 altitude error fix when using dual GPSs and affinity enabled
    c) FFT indexing bug fixed
    d) Gimbal mount fix to default mode (see MNTx_DEFLT_MODE parameter)
    e) MSP fix to report arm status to DJI FPV goggles
    f) Notch fix for non-throttle notch (was being incorrectly disabled)
    g) OSD fixes for params, font and resolution
    h) RPM reporting from harmonic notch fixed
    i) “Sending unknown message (50)” warning removed
    j) SBF/GSOF/NOVA GPS auto detction of baud rate fixed
    k) VideoTX fixes for buffer overruns and Tramp video transmitter support

Although this is only the 2nd beta, 4.3.0 already seems to be quite reliable with only a small number of issues outstanding

We very much appreciate all feedback both positive and negative.