Copter-4.1.0-rc4 released for beta testing!

Copter-4.1.0-rc4 has been released for beta testing and can be downloaded using the ground stations’ beta firmware links. The changes vs -rc3 are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below:

  1. Position controller PSC/Z logging changed to PSCN/E/D and includes “desired”
  2. Bug Fixes
    a) Position Controller init fix (could cause unexpected movement after entering Guided)
    b) Serial8 parameter description fixed

The key fix is 2a which is a blocker for the 4.1.0 official release but hopefully we can confirm the fix works and then complete the beta testing.

Thanks again for everyone’s assistance with beta testing. Almost there!



NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE parameter not available on 4.1.0 rc4.

Oled display doesn’t show any information. If I step back to 4.0.7, display is OK.
I did a string search for NTF and only got parameters for BUZZ and LED (attached picture)

I’m using a Kakute F7 controller.
4.1.0-beta6 mentions f) Display re-enabled on 1MB boards

Kakute F7 is MINIMIZE_FEATURES so many features missing - you will need to do a custom build using the custom build server

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I have been trying the RC4 for a while and I notice that even after disarming the Logs dont stop recording data. In my case they only stop if I unplug the battery.

The logging looks correct to me, and you have got LOG_DISARMED=0 so that’s all OK. While the battery remains connected you wont get a different log for each arm/disarm, but you will be able to see no values are actually logged between disarm and the next arm.
Also you are being warned of a yaw imbalance, and it is quite significant too. Check for motor mounts twisted or excessive frame flex.
Also you battery settings are not correct, connect to MissionPlanner and press Alt A and step through that intial parameters dialog.

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Thanks for pointing this out! Basically I wanted to stop the log on the disarm, I checked after your post and the parameter sems to be this one → LOG_FILE_DSRMROT=1
I am using Traditional Heli do I have to go through Alt+A setup?

Yes, that is the parameter that you need to change to get the behavior you want, one log file per flight

In the Alt A plug in just accept the battery-related parameters at the end before saving them. Deselect the ATC and INS values.
I was assuming a multirotor without checking the log properly :slight_smile: so maybe the yaw bias is still there but needs a different fix.

Hi @xfacta,

The yaw issue was lack of head speed, its solved already. Thank you for the hints! :slightly_smiling_face: