Copter-4.1.0-rc3 released for testing

Copter-4.1.0-rc3 has been released for testing and will be available for download within a few hours using the ground stations’s (e.g. MP, QGC) beta firmwares links.

The changes compared with -rc2 are in the ReleaseNotes and copied below:

  1. Enhancements
    a) Guided mode supports yaw control during takeoff
    b) MatekH743 supports icm42605 IMU
  2. Bug Fixes
    a) CSRF fix to avoid intermittent loss of telemetry
    b) EKF3 fix to init of wind speed variance
    c) Guided mode fix to yaw change after takeoff completes
    d) Guided mode uses GUID_OPTIONS to ignore pilot yaw during takeoff
    e) Lightware SF45b jumpy readings fixed by using lower update rate

We are quite close to the official release now and are just trying to get over some final issues found with Guided mode.

All testing and feedback is very much appreciated!



@rmackay9 Just tried the Heli RC3 and when setting the RPM_TYPE=5 it does not get the rpms that esc telemetry is showing in the status (esc1_rpm). Cannot get the governor to run!
I using MatekH743 and BLHeli32 (Tekko32 F3 Metal).


Can you post an onboard log by any chance? This will certainly help with the investigation.

@bnsgeyer do you think you could investigate this?

@rmackay9 i don’t have an ESC that is able to make use of RPM type 5. As far as the governor not working, if the RPM is not showing under RPM1, then the governor will not engage. @IAMMATT do you have a way to check this?

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@bnsgeyer yeah I can test. Leave it with me.


Hello @IAMMATT Here you are!
If you need more data inthe log let me know.

Thank you very much for the support!

@Pedro_Claro RPM_TYPE = 5 (ESC Telemetry Motors Bitmask) is not supported in Copter 4.1. Hence why it is not working for you. It is currently only available in 4.2 dev branch.
This raises the point that it was obviously not clear after you setting type = 5 that this mode was not available to you which is obviously very confusing! (as mission planner gets its param meta data from master). I shall add a patch so we send a message to the GCS if a type gets set that is not supported in the current firmware. That should hopefully make it a little more user friendly. Apologies for any confusion caused.

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ohh… this is a pitty :frowning:

Hello @IAMMATT, I set the RPM_TYPE=4 to follow the Harmonic Notch. Well I am setting the Harmonic Notch to follow the ESC Telemetry rpms :smiley: and now I can see the RPM returning the rotor rpms. INS_HNTCH_REF=0,0916 which is the gear ratio T131/T12. I set the Rotor Governor Setpoint to 2400rpm but when I rev up it stops at 1800rpm~30Hz. Do you have an explanation why this is happening? Thank you for the support!

@Pedro_Claro the reason it is not going any higher is due to the governor not engaging. The governor output ( signal in log) is zero the entire time. The way this governor works is that you have to set your throttle curve to get the RPM to within 100 RPM of the desired RPM. This is set by H_GOV_RANGE. Read the rest of the parameter descriptions and the wiki on this.
Internal RSC Governor — Copter documentation

@bnsgeyer OK :blush: Now I see how this works. It also explains the stange behaviour with the headspeed, I think he was engaging and disengaging often and the tail was shaking. Why we dont have the RPM tracking direclty the ESC telemetry in 4.1 ? What he is doing right now is: the Harmonic Notch is tracking the ESC Telemetry RPM and the RPM1 is tracking the Harmonic Notch frequency. Very stange.
Anyway Thanks!

I don’t know. It is not my area of expertise. This appears to be something new that was put into master after 4.1 was forked from master. It is possible to have it ported back to 4.1 but that depends on whether 4.1 has all of the supporting code to make it work.

@rmackay9 any chance this can be back ported to 4.1 maybe for 4.1.1?

@Pedro_Claro Please move this discussion over to the Arducopter-Traditional Helicopter section of the discuss website. This does not concern the 4.1 release