Copter-4.1.0-beta6 released for beta testing


I’ve created a PR to swap the Pixhawk4 LEDs and put a modified Copter-4.2.0-dev binary here.

Do you think you could test it for me? I wouldn’t recommend flying this version because this is the bleeding edge" developer version, not a 4.1.0-beta. If the LEDs look OK though we will back port it to 4.1.

Hi @ rmackay9, sure thing I have another board on hand so it should be quick, get back to you today and w/ the check of the led’s.


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Hi @ rmackay9, still the same led’s are swap on pixhawk4.


OK thanks anyway for testing. I probably swapped the wrong definitions in the hwdef files. I’ll ping one of the other devs to see if they have a suggestion on which are the right ones.


OK, @bugobliterator gave me some advice on fixing the Pixhawk4 LEDs and here is another binary to try. This is a modified Copter-4.2.0-dev binary so probably best not to fly it because it hasn’t gone through beta testing. Still, the LED change should be safe enough.

Is it only me, or the flight stats no longer appear on the OSD when one disarms? I have seen that in five recent flights with beta6 in AltHold and Acro modes. The same hardware behaved as expected with beta5.

It’s a known bug - @hwurzburg has a fix

@andyp1per Thanks! And has someone experienced GPS problems with beta6? Two days in a row it looked like it was completely unable to lock any satellites in an open field, for like 20+30 minutes of flight in total. I might have been jammed, but it feels like the performance suddenly deteriorated.

what GPS?was it discovered at all?

It is the Matek M8Q-5883 chip. According to the logs, it was indeed detected by the system. The relevant entries are:

  • GPS 1: detected as u-blox at 230400 baud
  • ublox 1 HW: 00080000 SW: ROM CORE 3.01 (107888)
  • GPS: ublox 1 saving config

There were no specific error messages in the logs, apart from the usual complaints like “Bad GPS position” or so. Logs from beta5 for successful initialization looked identically.

Hi @rmackay9 , yes this version works , act led is now blinking for FMU status. Yeaa :smile:

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Great, thanks very much for testing. This will be included in the next beta release (or maybe it will be called a “release candidate” because we are getting close to the official release probably).

Switching from Stabilize to GPS Loiter makes the craft shake quite a bit. Stabilized is smooth…

According to the website that gps can only do 9600 to 115200bps

Here’s the matek site, though it doesn’t seem to load for me

Maybe give the new beta7 a try. It says there’s an added parameter for forcing the ublox gps to 115200, try setting that


d) GPS_DRV_OPTIONS allows forcing UBlox GPS to 115200 baud

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I will give it a try, thanks! However, for a record, beta5 acquired stable GPS lock even if it also said 230400 baud in the logs. Maybe it did not tell the whole truth and chose a different rate internally…

The new builds have me really scratching my head. lost ground effect , bumpy GPS, ruff sounding motors and mid air flyaway I thought i try firmware Copter V4.0.6-rc1 (cc1f9a4b) and now GPS Loiter seems normal. As a builder i don’t change how i wire the hardware I keep it constant so i not looking at introducing issues this make my testing overall consistent. Edit: last test flight the GPS was moving around a lot in the air so i going to re calibrate then test.


Re the GPS lock, my guess is that it is environmental and not a software issue but if you’d like I can compile a version of -beta5 for your board so you can try it back-to-back with -beta7.

I’ve flown beta7 today, and GPS acquired its lock after few minutes of waiting (without any config changes regarding the baud rate - I just forgot about that). So yes, most likely it was an environmental issue. Thanks!

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Great news and thanks very much for the follow-up.