Copter 4.0.6-rc1 available for beta testing

Copter-4.0.6-rc1 has been released and within a few hours of this post should be available for download from the ground stations using their “Beta Firmwares” links.

This is a relatively minor update. The full list of changes is below and in the ReleaseNotes .

  1. Bug fixes:
    a) Fix vertical flyaways when rangefinder stops providing data and the user has configured EK*_ALT_SOURCE=1
    b) Correct units on raw accel data
    c) Fport RSSI value fix
    d) Correct compilation when Advanced Failsafe compile time option is enabled
    e) Correct time wrap in RAW_IMU mavlink message
    f) PixracerPro - Fix analog volt pin assignments
    g) fix landing detector for tradheli in acro mode
  2. Small enhancements:
    a) Parameter documentation enhancements and corrections
    b) Improve harmonic notch filter parameter documentation
    c) Report prearm check status in the MAV_SYS_STATUS_PREARM_CHECK flag of the SYS_STATUS mavlink message
    d) Smooth I term reset over 0.5 seconds
  3. TradHeli enhancements:
    a) Differential Collective Pitch (DCP) trim support for Dual Heli
    b) Incorporate hover collective learning
    c) Option for pitch, roll and yaw I term to be based on takeoff/landing

We plan to keep the beta testing period open for about 2 weeks or so. Any testing you can do is greatly appreciated!


Working well

One thing to check is the arming/tones seem missing. normally if you right stick arm but the safety switch is not set you get a tone.

@Quadzilla I did a check of the tones and they all seemed normal from what I can tell. I don’t normally use a safety switch with my heli but enabled it. With the safety switch blinking (shouldn’t allow arming), it did not allow arming and gave me the correct tone. After depressing the safety switch (getting a solid light), I armed and got the expected tone as the aircraft armed.

Let me know if there is something unique to your setup. We haven’t heard any other complaints regarding the tones.

Will do I always seem to forget to document. In my case the arm switch was not activated but did a rudder arm I did not hear the negative tone I do believe the tones are important for pilots. but will try it again and report back.

Tested using traditional helicopter. Used Stabilize, AltHold, Loiter, and RTL flight modes. Used the new tradheli integrator management system (H_OPTIONS = 0). No issues in any of the modes. Flew an autonomous mission from takeoff to landing with no issues.

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I have tested 3.a and 3.c Trad Heli. I used the latest 4.1.0
3a. DCP trim support: works very well, you can very quickly and easily adjust / correct the vertical trim for pitch in tandem.

3c. Opion I term: I have tried it with tandem and single heli. It works well. On the ground no drift of the tail or the swashplates in tandem. When I steer Yaw, the rudder stays in that position and does not drift any further.
After takeoff in flight, everything is then correct as before.

3b. hoover learning: here I have consciously not noticed any change yet.

Translated with (free version)

Feeling good! PRP 2000kv. 4.0.6-rc1

I been doing some low level flying on a new frame and notice that the ground effect is now not keeping the right distance away from the ground but smashing into the dirt, I gave a shot with master and the their seems to be issues with cutting power once landed. I could be a have some flex in the Fight control deck not normally in my frame. Before the ground effect was so good i could blow the leaves off the drive including going up and down a incline with a 11" clarence.

Hi Brandon,
Thanks for the report. However I don’t see anything in the 4.0.6 changes that could contribute to what your are experiencing, unless it was something changed previous to 4.0.6.

Since this is a new frame, I would ask that you do the same test in a frame that you previously flown that had the good flight characteristics with ground effect. Test in 4.0.5 and then in 4.0.6-rc1 and see if you note the same behaviors in just 4.0.6-rc1 or both.

I will be releasing 4.0.6-rc2 later today but there is nothing in that release that affects this behavior.

Thanks again for your testing!

Hi I had a chance to try this with the mRo x 2.1 and did not get the anti tone telling me the arming switch was not engaged. ArduCopter V4.0.6 (13b6478d)