Copter-4.0.3 released!

You can simply replace

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Hi, I have replaced my sd-card with a new one and for two days it was quiet.
This morning got the ap-logger.cpp stuck thread. I have observed that it always happens when the quad is pitching forward and as far as I understand the only driver I am using is for the Lightware SF11/C

is there any feedback of 4.0.3 running on a cube black or orange in a Y6 setup so far? Mine is a big boy which would hurt your feet badly if it falls onto it :wink:
So far it’s running 3.6.9 and doing well.
Positive feedback would be appreciated very much, thanks

hi guys completely new to using pixhawk with a helicopter i build drones for vulcan uav. anyway my question is ive installed 4.03 on pixhawk black but no servos are moving at all. What do you guys think this could be?