Copter 4.0.1 first flight , crash in 2 seconds :-(

I made my second drone with banggood hardware: pixhawk 2.4.8,
with this motor, ESC and propeller (KV2200 version), a 3S battery with 5000mA/h

I calibrated the compas, I had this GPS, I did it 3 times because an error, at the 3rd time the compas was fine)
I didn’t tune the PID, I let all value to default
I armed the drone, then I didn’t move a lot the throttle, and then the drone flip at less than 1 meter high, I broke a propeller and lost a metal part to hold it on the motor

Can you help me? here are the log, but I don’t know how to do a correct analysis

I wqs in Stabilize mode only

Have you tried before taking off that the motors react correctly to the sticks movements? That the reported heading is consistent with the geographical north?

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Thank you maciek252 for your help, for checking the geographical north I forgot to check if it was correct, I just check on qgroudcontrol the health of the compass (my bad).
“the motors react correctly to the sticks movements”: I did it at home, only the throttle, I saw the roll was inverted on the qgroundcontrol so I inverted it in the calibration at home.
Also I was in Stabilize mode only

Very good, the Stabilize mode is with what you begin. Just check how the motors are reacting, first without the propellers and then possibly with the propellers and very little throttle.

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Check motor order and direction with Mission Planner’s Motor Test function. It’s almost always a problem with order/prop direction.

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Thank you, so I check the motors:

  • rotation: they go to the good direction
  • motor A = motor 1 but motor B != motor 2 (that is the issue I think… should they simplify it one day :cold_sweat:)

Thank you so much, I’ll try


Re the buttons on MP’s motor test screen, to clarify, “Test motor A”, “Test motor B” “Test motor C”, “Test motor D” should be used to test the motors in a clockwise order. So “Test motor A” should spin the front right motor, “Test motor B” will spin the back right motor, “Test motor C” should spin the back left motor, Test motor D" should spin the front left motor.

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Thank you for the explanation, but it is still confusing to have two ways to identify motors. But now I know I’ll remember it.

Yes, it can be confusing but there are actually at least 11 different motor orderings for quad copters (only 6 are shown on the wiki) so we wanted a consistent check that was always the same regardless of which motor ordering is chosen.

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