Copter-4.0.0-rc5 available for beta testing!

It’s here:

For Trade Heli, Copter still says Rc2

@wicked1, @andyp1per,

Thanks very much for the report of the Kakutef7mini not being built. Tridge has looked into it and it’s apparently because the firmware is slightly too large and this is because the compile upgrade wasn’t applied everywhere. I’m afraid this will trigger an -rc6 but hopefully that will go out today.

Sorry, I haven’t observed the phenomenon of copter, I only pay attention to the information of heli firmware, sorry!

@wicked1, @andyp1per, @zhangsir, the KakuteF7mini has built now that -rc6 is out. Thanks again!


Ah that makes sense! I took out HAL_MINIMIZE_FEATURES because it just fit, but of course I was using the 6.3.1 compiler.

My quad is pretty well tuned, and with the dynamic notch filter in place I tried to see what autotune does.

What id did, is very weird. It was unflyable while I was trying the newly tuned PIDs, and it didn’t revert to previous values upon canceling the test. So I had to land it badly oscillating on both axes. Experience and luck made for a picture-perfect landing, but it took a bit of sweating.

[LE] Looking at the start of autotune, DesRoll looks strange for the first set of twitches.

@wicked1, @andyp1per, @zhangsir, if you have access to a KakuteF7mini, could you possibly give -rc6 a test to make sure it seems to work?

I will test the flight of 4.0rc6 on KakuteF7mini as soon as possible!

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It works.

I’m having a lot of trouble w/ my kakute f7 mini, but I think it’s hardware related, like a faulty IMU… Gyro bias is increasing a LOT, and it leans to the side to the point it has a crash/disarm… Even sitting on the ground sometimes! But, it was that way w/ rc2, too.

I was able to take a flight in stabilize. I can’t do auto modes on this one, as I got constant EKF variance errors.
(I ordered another one today, so will be able to swap it out next week)

I did put rc6 on my omnibus nano, too, and it is fine, Stabilize, loiter, auto tested.

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Simply tested the K120 and KakuteF7mini’s optical flow Loiter mode on the 4.0rc6 firmware in the room, and everything felt normal.

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@wicked1, ok, thanks for the report. If you have a log we can have a look and see if it’s an IMU issue or not.