Copter 3.7.0-dev OCTO-X Geofence Inconsistencies

My team and I are running Copter 3.7.0-dev on Pixhawk 2.1 Cube Black and an OCTO-X frame. We have observed several issues when implementing a Geofence in MissionPlanner. Two different warnings show up upon booting: “fence requires position” and occasionally “Geofence breach” and continue to show even after all sensors and EKFs appear to be settled (i.e. both warnings will show while the OCTO is on the ground in an open field).

For background, the OCTO is using the Here+ GPS/Compass & RTK system (running ublox FW version 1.40) and has very good HDOP (~0.6-0.7) and visible sats numbers (19-24). In addition, the EKF is given time to completely settle as well. These warnings prevent arming and seem to occur particularly when “old” geofence and polygons files were used to draw/upload geofence boundary. Switching the geofence type from “polygon and altitude” to “circle and altitude” does not stop the flags leading us to believe the input file isn’t the problem by itself. Defining a new geofence before every flight wouldn’t be the worst thing, but it doesn’t work everytime. The following process seems to give the best results (it’s worked twice).

Wipe geofence and mission–>reboot pixhawk–>reboot mission planner–>reconnect and reboot pixhawk–>redefine geofence.

It is unclear if this actually works or we just got lucky and managed to change something on accident along the way. Any help or insight anyone could give would be much appreciated. I can attach logs if that would help. And, of course, if I’m in the wrong place please let me know. Thank you in advance.