Copter-3.6.1-rc1 is available for beta testing

Cool added one to my banggood order.
I have a machine I want to upgrade to 32bit and this would be a good place to go. I can knock some weight off the machine and go 32bit.

Hey does the OSD work, it seems to be built in.

Interesting…way beyond my ability

If you google “soft flight controller standoffs” or look at Oscar Liang or go on hobby sites - all of the 30mm FC stack vibration control options are these rubber standoffs. Literally all of them. If the solution to this problem is non-standard vibration solutions then I’m a bit bummed - just seems like ArduCopter isn’t great for small, high powered quads. Not your fault - I get that you can’t argue with physics, but depressing nonetheless.

Those 3m pads are the original vibration damping option, and I’d say completely standard. My 3dr pixhawk came w/ them 4 or 5 years ago. All the little rubber standoffs and Oscar’s site weren’t even around then. I don’t think anyone involved in Arducopter had anything to do w/ promoting those bouncy rubber standoffs.
Even random things like foam earplugs are better than bouncy rubber.

Small copters w/ arducotper is definitely new. All the defaults assume bigger vehicles. So, yeah, it does take some tuning. I’d like to see some more pre-configured starting points… But that’s not great either… My 3" prop quad has 1103 motors. Someone elses has 1406 motors. So, both 3" quads will have completely different tunes. At least all the filter adjustments could be done in a pre-configured small quad starting point.

For this particular issue, just keep your props balanced and in good shape. That’s the only source of vibrations. If you fix it at the source, you don’t need to worry about special mounts, etc. (I know that’s easy to type, and not always easy to get perfect in the real world)

My Cobra 1806’s have a bit of this in the front two motors. Fortunately I have a bell press from HobbyKing which seems to be large enough, so I’ll see whether fixing this makes any difference. What intrigued me was that the vibes were not particularly dependent on throttle or output, so I wondered whether it was something related to force on the motors.

My motors got loose over time, and when I tightened them it most definitely did improve my vibrations.
It’s easy to clamp them down too much, though, so be careful.

Arducopter may benefit from better done vibration filtering, and, notch filters currently do not work correctly at all. Still, rubber standoffs are i think the best current option - least weight with best result.

Hi Anthony,

You’re right that I don’t think the fast-rotation limit is mentioned anywhere on the wiki. AP does report the health of the EKF though in real-time and when things get bad the EKF failsafe should kick in and switch the vehicle into a pilot controlled Land. Feel free to test the limits of the EKF yourself just be ready to re-take control in a non-GPS mode like AltHold or Stabilize mode. Like any system the EKF has it’s limits. We can extend those limits with more software development effort and I think there is already an item on the to-do list to do this.

To add some more background on the issue, the problem with very fast continuous rotations is the compass information will not perfectly line up with the estimated heading from the gyros… the compass will likely report a heading that is slightly behind the vehicle’s actual heading. The EKF will see that lag in the compass and pull the vehicle’s heading off from it’s actual heading.

By the way, this item is reported now and then but mostly from Tradheli users.

We could perhaps add a section to our user EKF page titled something like “Performance limitations”.