Copter 3.5 rc8 not disable Prearm check

Always when I calibrate a new setup or update a copter I disable prearm check to allow me to test different things like correct motor spin side, etc. I update one copter from an older firm and change esc. , I try to disable all prearm check but not work, didn´t allow me to arm (not 3Dfix, I´m inside) , then I try to disable only gps fix (-9) but not work again), Is the first time that I have this issue.

Turn off the geofence.

You really don’t need to disable the prearm safety checks to test motor spin. There is a place for this in Mission Planner:

Initial Setup > Optional Hardware > Motor Test.

You can test each motor individually, you can test them all at the same time, or you can test any combination you want…

I dont want to test motor spin, I want to fly using EK3 ONLY…without disabling prearm checks.

This is EXACTLY what you said…

And why do you want to fly with EKF3 ONLY?

And why would you need to disable prearm checks to fly with EKF3 only??

Guys, you are confusing two different users with different problems, I´m not interested to fly with EXF3 only, that´s Kuspower need, I need to check everything before flight, not only motor spin but I can´t disable prearm check as always did with older firms, perhaps something different in this firm? or I forgot something?.

Again, turn off the geofence. If you have a radius or polygon geofence enabled, you cannot arm without a valid GPS fix.

Yes, I´m going to check that, I never use geofence but just in case; thank´s Pedals.

Fence disable but still don´t work.

AUCHH!!! How silly woman, it was in pos hold GLUP,
Thank’s and sorry guys.