COPTER 3.5 RC6 engine fail OR NLON issue?

I have experienced in spite of myself an engine / esc failure en hexa, and all proceeded as planned:
engine placed on the failed one has been cut, then the four remaining engines have not been clamped as previous versions.

2017-05-24 08-23-44.bin (2.7 MB)

You can check attached logs

Thanks to all devs for this good job!

After check motors and escs, all seem to be ok…

There’s possible that AC3.5 RC6 apply strategy to handle esc/motor issue without any true issue?

Also regarding yaw, could you please check why roll follow desroll during exepted motor/esc issue while CH INPUT C4 is on the middle?

I re make new flight with the same drone inverting motors and esc from place, for check from where come this issue, and, It remade an error on the same chout motor and no on the same motor.

Also after check, all motors work perfectly. Could you please check if there’s noting that can explain bad output on motor?2017-05-24 18-43-34.bin (1.9 MB)

No NLON Error, after check this is due to esc error. We can close this case.