Copter 3.5-RC1 Compass not calibrated error

Copter 3.5-RC1 on a Pixhawk 2.4.8.
Fresh install, calibrated compasses indoors, ok not best idea, but it did calibrate in Mission Planner. Go to trim it and Autotune it today, and it won’t arm… Connect to it with Tower and I get “Compass not calibrated” error. I used Tower to calibrate the compass and then it will arm. Additionally, there were some strange Yaw behavior, like the copter holding steady in POS Hold, then suddenly Yawing 10-15 degrees left and right, then it settles down.

Since I haven’t seen anyone else mention this, can I assume it is related to my install?2017-02-19 14-46-34.bin (3.2 MB)