Copter 3.5 compass calibration

Here are 2 problems unable to solve on Pixracer running 3.5 rc1 (2 units on different copters)

  1. compass calibration
    compass live calib with compasmot , flight log reported mag error by MP auto analys above 60%
    compass autolearn did not change values , reported mag error by MP auto analysis above 60%
    COMPASS_LEARN set to 0 1 2 do not produce any change in params (no sure if they are supposed to)

Is it possible that MP auto analysis tool is not working properly ? (MP

For testing purposes i did the following test
flown an auto mission with WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR set to 2, no ROI set, then flown the same mission with ROI set.
Copter orientation maintained according to ROI PERFECT!
Superimposing flight paths in google earth there are differences less than 1.5m between the two flight.

No reason to believe compass is not working as expected but the numbers.

  1. Was not able to change the speed no matter how i set it. wp nav speed is set to 650cm/s. changed speed in MP to 700cm/s no effect, (both columns) , max speed it was able to achive 500cm/s

tested on pixracer running on 3.5rc1 , 2 units on different copters with the same problem

Thanks for testing, sorry for the slow reply.

A few things:

  • If the vehicle has an external compass then generally there’s no need to do the compassmot. If you do use compassmot, it’s best to have a current monitor attached. the throttle based compensation doesn’t work well and I plan to remove this eventually.
  • could you try using the “Onboard Mag Calibration” instead of “Live” or “Mission Planner Mag Calibration”? If it fails you should be able to set the “fitness” to “Relaxed” and then it should work.
  • If you have a log of the mission being unable to attain the desired speed I can have a look. In general it does tend to be a little slower than the target but you should certainly see a change if you say set the WPNAV_SPEED to 100 and then try again with 1000.

Thnk you for replying, all issues were solved. For some reason setting primary compass external in compass menu did not set it correctly in params. I have set it in parameter manualy it it works perfect. For speed i had set ch6 for wp nav speed wich was overiding the mission.
If ch6 is set to a knob is it possible to increase in a progresive way the speed ? Now it goes from 5mps to 10mps if the knob is turned to 1550pwm. Hope i made myself clear.