Copter-3.5.5 released!

Copter-3.5.5 has been released. The official blog post is here so I won’t repeat the message.

In short, the biggest change in the new release is for the new Here GPS/compass modules. If you were using Copter-3.5.4 and found you had to set the COMPASS_ORIENT to “26” to make it point in the correct direction then when you upgrade to Copter-3.5.5 that COMPASS_ORIENT will need to be set back to zero.


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Updated and working well.

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@Quadzilla, thanks for the feedback!

Hi there,
is the Problem with the PX4Flow sensor and without USB booting (Boot failure for px4flow on pixhawk 2.1 (cube)) finally resolved within this update?
Does this update include the Content from this Link (

I did the update but I still got some issues with it. If I am starting up only on Batterie it do get bad optflow health, but I do get some values on opt_m_x and y. Does it mean that the flow sensor should work?

Thanks for helping me out!