Copter 3.5.5 , Cube , Hex Motor Numbering

Hi, so I have a new build as listed above (Hex X). I configured as per the instructions on ardupilot copter setup pages. The problem is that motors 1 and 2 are swapped - I had to plug motor 1 into the 2 plug and 2 into the 1 plug. It’s all working OK like that, but I was wondering if it’s been changed in a recent release that it is not the same as the instructions ?

Did you set the frame type parameter? The motor setup pages may have not been updated since 3.5 was released.

Yes, set frame as hex x and checked parameter is correct

In the current version you can remap the motor outputs. I wonder if yours were accidentally remapped or you have a corrupted parameter?

Yep that was it, thanks Mike (no 1 servo was mapped to motor 2 and vice versa). Almost 100% sure I didn’t do that though …

Enjoy the maiden flight!
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