Copter-3.5.3 released!

After a bit over a week of beta testing, Copter-3.5.3 has been released.

This is a relatively minor release with just these changes (ReleaseNotes.txt):

  1. Guided mode support yaw and yaw-rate fields from set-position-target message
  2. Optical Flow startup retries 10 times
  3. Bug fixes:
    • Septentrio RTK GPS driver robustness improvements for long messages
    • dataflash not-logging checks if not initialised
    • fix reporting of relative-position-NE-to-home (most users will not notice this difference)

If you use the Septentrio RTK GPS we strongly recommend upgrading but most other users shouldn’t notice a real difference.

Thanks for using ardupilot and thanks to our beta testers for providing feedback on this release!


Great work!

Sorry to have to ask this, I have been testing 3.5.2 on some machines.

Where can I find the 3.5.2 release now?

I used to download ZIP or MSI of old versions - but I cannot find them anymore.

Sorry - I guess I was thinking of Mission Planner - not the firmware… But I still want to sue 3.5.2 for a while.