Copter 3.5.2 voltages not working

I finally got the two voltage/current readings to work with 3.5.1 (although current never was accurate). Now they seem to be broken again in 3.5.2. For someone doing some in-depth flight testing and performance testing, these values are critical. How do I go back to 3.5.1 now that 3.5.2 has been pushed to MP (way too soon, in my view)?

I would not have updated to 3.5.2, but didn’t have a choice when my Pixhawk2 became bricked when I inadvertently set the sysid_mygcs to 250 instead of 255. Had to do a compete rebuild of the system just to get it to communicate.

I’d really like to have the ability to reload the version of software that I’m testing. I’m a professional test pilot with a large aerospace company, and we’d never push flight OFPs like this. These updates just seem to keep coming and adding new bugs each time (and recreating old bugs).

Hi did you solve this I need to go back to 3.5.1 also

Nope. Zero responses to the problem.