Copter 3.5.2 takeoff and crash no matter what

3.5.2 on pixracer - 450 frame - pixracer

fresh install, new calibrations
No matter what i do and what mode i select after takeoff no matter how much i push throttle quad is loosing altitude and crash. Not been able to go above 2m. No flip!

Maybe some more experienced builders can take a look at the log
Thanks !

There seems to ba a major problem with the motor output

At takeoff rc3 is at minimum and as soon as altitude is gained rc2 if at maximum.

Desired pitch and roll are nowhere near actual.

It seems you were fighting a motor/prop/esc fault the whole flight by the rcIN

Have you checked motors and props?
Prop on upside down or something?
ESC losing sync?

I would start looking there.

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The same is happening with my copter. i think there is some bug in the new firmware

@herus That is not a very helpful comment.
If you believe there is a bug then please post your log file so others can see what might be causing your problem.
Could you also describe your problem in detail and your setup and procedures you followed before your crash.
That would be much more helpful to others and may even help you solve your problem.

If it was a firmware bug then it would be showing up in a lot more posts.

prior to this flight i had same result, on motor test all of them spin in the correct direction, escs where calibrate and before take off everything looks correctly. Acc where also calibrated.
Copter does not flip on takeoff so prop orientation is right. Fc is in the correct orientation. Something else is failing …
Will do another test tomorrow and post back